Twilight Forge: Green Side


On the Green side, you are trying to open the blue barrier on bottom 7, pull the lever in top 7, and open the way to the west via top 3.

This guide tells you how to do it solo, with notes on how to duo. It is easily doable with DDoor. It is possible to do it with only recalls, but it would use all the green crystals, and will require someone running down the wrong color hallway (which requires a lot of healing). Try to get someone with DDoor instead!

You will have to be able to jump the chasms, which is easily accomplished with feather fall, haste, and jump. Just jump from the gears, and you will easily make it. You can grab the ledges if you need to.

Tiles that need to be turned are highlighted.

step 1

Bottom 1

Send the power up.

step 2

Top 1

Send the power up.

Dimension Door or Recall.

(If you are duoing this, person 1 can stay here, if person 2 lets you out in the next step. It saves a Ddoor / recall.)

step 3

Top 2

Send the power down, leaving the left circle lit.

(If you are duoing this, you can light the right circle to let person 1 out from the previous step, and then re-light the left circle.)

step 4

Bottom 2

Send the power left, keep left circle lit.

step 5

Bottom 4 (2 tiles)

1) Send the power down.

2) Turn the other tile (highlighted in picture).

3) Dimension Door or Recall.

step 6

Bottom 3

Send the power right and back down.

Dimension Door or Recall.

(If you are duoing this, have the person staying in this room align the tiles on the top row so that when power comes from the right, both the top circles will be lit. This will allow them to be let out in a few steps.)

step 7

Top 4

Send the power left.

Dimension Door or Recall.

step 8

Top 6

Send the power down.

Dimension Door or Recall.

step 9

Bottom 6

Send the power down and keep the circle lit.

step 10

Bottom 5

Send the power up, and keep the circle lit.

(If you are duoing this, you can turn the T tile to send power to the left, and let your helper out of bottom 3. Then re-arrange the tiles to look like the picture.)

step 11

Top 5 (first time)

Light both circles.

step 12

Top 7

Pull the lever.

Rotate the tile to allow flow of power.

step 13

Top 5 (second time)

Send the power to the right.

jump from gear

Time to Split the Party

You are done with Green Side!

Now the party splits into Yellow and Blue (3 people max each).

If you have a Monk or FvS with jump, send them down Blue side.

You get to the crystals by going through Top 3. Jump off the gear like the picture to get to the middle platform. Featherfall is essential. You can grab the ledge. Even 0 jump characters can make it if they have Jump or Haste with their featherfall.

Yellow corridor (to the levers for making phase tiles appear) is through Top 3 (just south of where you get the crystals).

Blue corridor (to the observation lounge for running on phase tiles) is through Bottom 7.


How to Solve Yellow

If you have a monk or FvS with jump, they should take BLUE. That way you won't have to worry about the levers in Yellow side (it saves you about 5 minutes of time). Otherwise, you will need 2 people in the yellow corridor: 1 on west lever, 1 on south lever.

1) Have West lever pull first.

2) South lever will pull pull as soon as they SEE the phase tiles appear. DO NOT TRY TO ANTICIPATE THE PULL.

3) Both West AND South levers spam their levers to pull one additional time. Really, spam it as fast as you can.

This pattern will allow a solid path for runners in the blue room to all three sides (east, north, and south). Repeat until all 3 switches in the observation lounge are pulled. Or just have the Monk / FvS jump to the platforms.