Titan: Preraid


Repair your sigil.

Go to the Restless Isles by way of the guy near the tower in the marketplace, or by talking to a greater navigator on a good guild ship.

Talk to BOTH the dwarf AND the human at the entrance to the Restless Isles to repair your sigil.

(If this is your first run, make sure you turned in both quests before talking to the dwarf and the human.)


Greater Teleport (or run) to the Twilight Forge

If you have to run, it's not hard.

  1. From the Restless Isles, go into the lift.
  2. Go down the hall, and take your first left (you should see the ogre).
  3. Do NOT talk to the ogre, but take the lift.
    (It is a straight shot to the end, but I will describe what you will see along the way.)
  4. Kill things to open the bridge, and cross it. Take the only available lift.
  5. Go straight ahead, through a series of doors that are blocked by orgres and worgs. You have to kill ALL of them for the door to unlock. Sometimes the mages disappear, so be ready.
  6. Take the lift at the end, and you will be at the Twilight Forge.

Lever 1

Through the fence, around the right corner.

Use the map in the picture to the left of this text.

Lever 2

Through the fence, to the left.

Use the map in the picture to the left of this text.

Lever 3

Go through the fence here, and turn left...

...to pull the lever here.

Now you're through to the Crystal giver.


Colored Hallways Kill You

Do NOT take a crystal unless the party leader asks you to.

You have to have a crystal of the corresponding hallway or you take massive damage as long as you are in the hall.

To satisfy your curiosity:

  1. Dying in a hallway ejects you to where you entered the hallway.
  2. Picking up someone's soul stone and running down a hallway hurts the carrier as though they didn't have a crystal, even if the dead party and the carrier both have a crystal.
  3. It is possible to run down a hallway and be healed repeatedly. You will need quicken if you try to heal yourself. (It is also possible to eat an entire jar of peanut butter in a single sitting, but it is not recommended.)

Party Split: Green / Purple

Green Side: requires one person who can cast Dimension Door.

Purple Side: requires 3 people with Underwater Action. (If one of those 3 can Lockpick a DC 50 lock, it is slightly faster, but is not necessary. Knock will not work, only lockpick.)

There is far more fighting on the Purple side, so you may wish to have a healer and more of your heavy hitters down that side.


Green Side

This is how to do Green side.

The party will split into Yellow and Blue.

If you have a monk or FvS with Jump, send them down Blue.

Otherwise, 2 people with good language comprehension should go to Yellow side.


Purple Side

This is how to do Purple side.

The party will split into Red and Blue.

Three people with Underwater Action need to be on Red. (If one of them has Lockpick skill and can hit a DC 50 lock, it saves about 3 minutes.)

The stronger fighters should go down Blue.


Run Down the Hall to the End

You will have to knock down a few doors on your way down the hallway, so be ready. You will need fireball or a 25-ish STR to break the doors.

Please just run to the end, ok? Ignore the ogres.

What we're really interested in anyway is the next zone.

DON'T Talk to the Illithid!

Stand around him until everyone is in. This is like the dwarf in VoN if you are familiar with that. It locks people out if you talk to him early, and then those people can't do the raid.

Oh and here's how to do the raid.