Titan: Raid

Step Over the Red Line

Or you'll get locked out.

Don't be a twit.


The Overview

We will:

  1. Beat on the Titan until his shields come up.
  2. Obliterate the top half of all 8 pillars.
  3. Get the bottom half of all 8 pillars down to low HP.
  4. Load the assimilator with a crystal, thus powering the laser.
  5. Move the laser over the Titan.
  6. Knock a pillar on the Titan to knock him over, making him vulnerable to the laser.
  7. Fire the laser (when the Titan is knocked over).
  8. Reapeat the pillar / laser thing about 5 more times, removing the Titan's shields.
  9. Beat on the Titan until he dies (very easy).
  10. Loot.

It is simplest when everyone knows their job in this process, though.


The Jobs

The raid only seems complex because there are several (simple) jobs.

There are six jobs, each with their own little guides. Click the link to see the specifics of what to do for each job.

  1. SHIELDS: Someone hits the titan a few times to bring up his shields.
  2. TOP PILLAR OBLITERATION: Someone kills the top half of all 8 pillars.
  3. CRYSTAL RUNNER: Someone will get crystals that power the laser.
  4. LASER: Someone with 40+ balance skill will aim the laser, and fire the laser when the Titan has been knocked down by a pillar.
  5. TITAN AGRO MANAGEMENT (aka ''The Piking Ladder''): Most people will help hold the Titan still by standing on a ladder.
  6. LUMBERJACK: Someone will kill the lower part of the pillars to knock them onto the Titan.

It is possible for one person to do more than one job. But that's also usually quite unnecessary if people can, you know, communicate.


Important for job assignments:

The Titan can ''bump'' people (much like telekenesis) any time they are not holding on to a ladder. A 40 balance is a "no-fail" save against the bump. A 39 gives you a 5% chance to get bumped, a 38 is a 10% chance, and so on.

  • The Laser operator should have a 40 balance (so they don't miss a shot). This is the MOST important job to have balance.
  • The crystal runner and the top pillar obliteration people also benefit greatly from 40 balance (so they don't fall off and have to run back up to the top, which would make the raid take more time).
  • A lumberjack is most effective when they can self-heal. It is possible to have someone else throw heals, but most people who can throw out a heal don't have high balance, and will fall off if they try it. Lumberjacks that don't self-heal should be avoided if possible.


Everyone who is not on Piking Ladder duty needs Death Ward and Freedom of Movement.

  • They need those buffs because anyone holding or being near the crystals spams Negative Energy damage and Hold Person.
  • Death Block on an item is not the same thing as Death Ward, the spell, which absorbs negative energy damage.
  • Warforged are immune to the Hold Person effect, and Necromancers are immune to Negative Enegry in undead form.

The Crystal Runner and the people doing Top Pillar Obliteration can benefit from an Electric resist, because there will be electric damage on the top catwalks.


(aka "The Piking Ladder")

The Piking Ladder is on the top floor.

You will have to go up the ladder on the East side of the room, and circle all the way around the map, to get to the piking ladder.

Once you get here, DO NOT leave unless the RAID LEADER tells you to. Even if you die, it is better to stay on the ladder.

Why? Because the Titan has "Random Agro." But when you are on the ladder, his targeting mechanisms malfunction...and it makes him stand still. And when you're knocking pillars on things and firing lasers at them, you want them to stand still.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most important jobs in the raid. In fact, you may have been assigned to this duty because the raid leader knows that you have the self-control necessary to stay on the ladder, no matter what.

Stay as close to the bottom of the ladder as possible; as though you had only taken one step on to the ladder. This will, most of the time, keep the party from being targetable by the Titan. If even ONE person is too high, though, THAT person is targetable, and everyone on the ladder will get hit with splash damage.



At the very start of the raid, just beat on the titan at point-blank range until he brings up his shields.

Once you have done about 3,000 points of damage, he brings up his shields.

Be very careful to not hit any of the pillars, which means no area-effect spells. Meteor Swarm can cause a raid wipe.

Once the shields are up, you did your job. Go to the Piking Ladder.


At the top of the Piking Ladder, you can easily see the top half of the pillars.

You MUST use manual targeting here, or you will wipe the raid. DO NOT use Tab or Backspace to target.

Using your right mouse click, target pillars to kill them. Bring all 8 of the top pillars down to zero HP, and you did your job.

Only the Disintigrate spell (level 6) works on these pillars (with good mana-efficiency).

If you have Improved Precise Shot, manually target the pillar farthest away from you, and you can take out 4 pillars at once.

Pillars only fall when they have lost HP on the top AND the bottom. When you finish, NONE of the pillars ought to have fallen.

Once all 8 top pillars have an empty HP bar, you did your job! Go back to the Piking Ladder.



At the far end of the room, on the bottom floor, there is a big red orb through a blue archway.

Click it to get a crystal that powers the laser.

Sneak when you get to the blue archway to avoid pulling little warforged out of that nook. Even if your sneak is bad, it still works.

The little warforged can hit pillars, and knock them over, and wipe the raid. So make sure to sneak.

Once you used Sneak to get to the Orb, get the crystal, and get out...

Then, just run back to the laser, and click the blue dome to power it. (It will turn from blue to red.)

You can drag and drop the crystal from your inventory if you want it to fall on the ground next to you.

It is best to ask first if you should load the laser or just drop it on the floor.

Once the Titan has been hit by the laser twice, the bottom crystals are shut off, and the top crystals must be run instead.

The top crystals are at the top of the Piking Ladder (on the top floor). The ladder from the bottom floor is on the east side of the room. It is a one-way shot around the room to get to the piking ladder.

You do not need to sneak for the top crystals, but you will really want to have a 40 balance. If the Titan ''bumps'' you off (from a failed balance check), you will have to climb all the way back up.

Because climbing back to the top is annoying, you will also want to load the assimilator from the top catwalks.

Loading crystals is easy.

Just click on it from the top, do not jump down. It saves a LOT of time.

The picture on the left shows that it is loaded, because it has turned red.


The laser operator, of ALL jobs in the raid, is most in need of a high balance score. A balance of 40 is considered ''no-fail'' for the Titan's bump effect.

The laser can only be moved or fired when the assimilator is charged (red).

It is not possible to know how much power is left in the crystal. Every time the laser is moved, it uses up a little bit of the power.

Firing the laser uses 100% of the remaining power. The laser shot is always the same strength, no matter how fresh the charge is.

If the laser doesn't have enough power to fire the laser, you won't know it until it is too late. This is why it is generally a good idea to wait to load the crystal only AFTER the Titan has been moved to a good position.


Using the buttons on the laser can be tricky. The MOST RELIABLE method is to RIGHT-CLICK and then press the letter "E" on your keyboard.

  • Double-clicking is not reliable. Raids have wiped because of this.
  • Right clicking but pressing "U" instead of "E" is unreliable. Raids have wiped because of this.
  • If you are unable, for ANY reason, to right click a button and then press "E," you MUST tell the raid leader AS SOON AS YOU CAN.

Aiming the laser is easy. Pressing the up button moves the laser away from you, and pressing the down button moves it closer to you.

The laser hits everything in a 3x3 section, known as ''the nines'' (for speed).

Pay attention to where the Titan's circle is in relation to the nines to see if the laser will hit. Don't look at him, look at his circle.

If his CIRCLE is in the nines, he will be hit with the laser. When the Titan falls over, it may look like he has fallen outside the laser. But his circle is what the laser is actually hitting.

So only look at the targeting circle if you want to see where the titan is.
  You can always reload the laser. If you need to fire the laser to then load a fresh crystal (so you don't accidentally lose power on the shot), don't worry. That is called "burning a charge," by the way.


  Being the lumberjack is the trickiest part of the raid, but even it is not too hard. You just need to know a few things.

Knowing Where the Titan Is

The targeting circle shows where the titan will be hit.

Just like the laser, the pillar will (WHEN KNOCKED AT AN ANGLE) hit the titan as long as he is in the 3x3.

The pillars can fall in any of 8 directions:

W   E

You typically want to make it fall at an angle in toward the titan.


How the Pillars Work

If the top half of the pillar dies last, it falls TOWARD the person hitting it.

If the bottom half of the pillar dies last, it falls AWAY from the person hitting it (as though they were pushing the pillar).

If the pillar is hit with a spell, it often falls in a RANDOM direction, so it is a bad idea to use spells to knock the pillars over.

This is why we obliterate the top pillars first, and the get the lower pillars close (but not dead). We want to be ready to push the pillars at the titan.


Moving the Titan

The Titan will run toward anyone who is on the ground floor. This is why Titan Agro Management exists.

It is also why the Lumberjack should be the ONLY person on the floor. (Even the crystal runner ought to jump on a ladder when they are not running the crystals.)

The Lumberjack has to be ready to get the Titan to move to just the right spot to get hit with pillars.

The very middle of the pillars is the best spot to hit the Titan, because he can be hit with almost all te pillars from there. But if you can't, it is okay.